Help this starving tiger in a zoo in China !

Tell Tianjin Zoo to Stop Neglecting Starved Tiger!


Tell Tianjin Zoo to Stop Neglecting Starved Tiger!

  • author: Chris Wolverton

  • target: Tianjin Zoo

  • signatures: 45,824

China’s Tianjin Zoo has been housing a sick tiger that has been reduced to skin and bones, as seen in disturbing photos from Netizen and Weibo (Netizen photo shown above). The zoo acknowledges that the tiger was diagnosed with a digestive disorder in 2001. They have been giving him medicine as treatment, but have otherwise seemed to neglect the tiger.

A local veterinary hospital released a statement of diagnosis, but there is no sign that zoo officials are caring for the tiger and making a serious attempt at rehabilitation. The zoo has recently faced criticism for forcing its elephants to perform unnatural handstands and martial arts tricks, so this wouldn’t be their first case of animal cruelty.

Please sign the petition to urge the Tianjin Zoo to strengthen their efforts to help their starving tiger!






Leadership in Shakespeare’s work

How does a leader decide whether to be lenient or to set an example? Nancy Koehn presents this question by drawing from a harrowing scene in Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Nancy Koehn: Shakespeare’s leadership power is about all the teaching that his characters do by conscious, explicit example or by the way not to do it.  Think about the scene in Henry V where the King is on his way to Agincourt, and everyone’s sick and they’re way outnumbered and one of his old drinking buddies when he was Prince Hal, Bardoff, is caught stealing from a church.  And so Henry has to make this very interesting decision about what he’s going to do with his friend.  Is he going to let him off, as Pistol, one of his other drinking buddies is begging him to, or is he going to set an example as a leader of what people who violate the code of behavior do?  And he hangs him.  He decides to hang him.  But there the teaching is in the actual action, right?  And by virtue of you can’t mess with the mission, folks, or you’ll have to be sacrificed.  So the costs of violation are high.  And so you think about what that must have cost Henry V and how great his leap has been from the young prince, the hooligan, to the Warrior King, and there Shakespeare teaching by action and example, including negative examples.

Nuestros sistemas Educativos son Anacrónicos

La educación tiene 3 grandes objetivos:

1- económico

2- cultural

3- personal

Hemos pasado de una sociedad industrial a una sociedad de servicios. Necesitamos un sistema educativo que se actualice, que cambie y se adapte y flexibilice a las nuevas necesidades y desafíos.

Sistemas educativos en donde la creatividad no sea ignorada.  En donde la visión de inteligencia no sea tan reduccionista.


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