Game of Thrones controversial moments

Game of Thrones: 10 most controversial moments amid beheadings, blood and incest

From the Red Wedding to Sansa Stark’s rape scene

Game of Thrones has caused almost as much controversy in just five seasons as South Park did in 18; there hasn’t been a subject too taboo or gory to touch on.

**Spoilers for all seasons of Game of Thrones ahead**

What seemed from the initial trailers like a Lord of the Rings-esque medieval drama, the show quickly turned into a blood splattered, rape filled, incestuous affair – and that’s just in the first episode.

While for many it was too much, for many more it was only the beginning of an on-going obsession that would only grow bigger. By the beginning of the fifth season, over 18 million people across the world had downloaded leaked episodes of the HBO show.

From gruesome torture scenes to the Red Wedding, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most controversial moments to have aired on the show so far. Enjoy?

1. Sansa/Ramsey rape scene – Season 5, Episode 6

Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton in the terrible wedding scene in Game of Thrones season fiveSansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton in the terrible wedding scene in Game of Thrones season five Fans were outraged as the episode ended with Sansa Stark being brutally raped by her new husband, Ramsey, while a terrified Theon/Reek watched on. Fans on Twitter were not happy but the actress herself, Sophie Turner, apparently “loved it”.

2. George Bush’s head on spike  Season 1, Episode 10

George Bush's prosthetic head being used on the set of Game of ThronesGeorge Bush’s prosthetic head being used on the set of Game of Thrones According to the directors, there weren’t enough prosthetic heads made up for the show and so they ended up using spare ones lying around. One of those just happened to be the fake head of George Bush, which eventually ended up in the show on a spike.

3. Cercei/ Jamie rape scene – Season 4, Episode 3

Jaime forces himself on Cersei in Game of ThronesJaime forces himself on Cersei in Game of Thrones As the two stood by their dead, incestual child Joffrey, Jamie began to sexually attack his sister. The scene became so talked about that the directors and George R.R. Martin had to defend it.

4. Theon gets his penis chopped off – Season 3, Episode 10

Theon being tortured in Game of ThronesTheon being tortured in Game of Thrones While being tortured by Ramsey, Theon goes through all sorts of pain. The most horrible is when his penis is cut off and then sent to his family, transforming the once horrible man into the wretched Reek.

5. Joffrey murders two prostitutes – Season 2, episode 4

Joffrey used the two prostitutes he was sent as living targets.Joffrey used the two prostitutes he was sent as living targets. In one of his most violent moments, Joffrey finds himself with two prostitutes in his room thinks of the most disgusting thing he can do with them, uses them as living targets. 

6. The Red Wedding – Season 3, Episode 9

Fingers crossed the banquet won’t end like the one at the Red Wedding It was the turning point for the entire show. Just as everyone thought it was going the Starks’ way, they nearly end up murdered in one of the bloodiest episodes ever to be shown on TV.

7. Lysa breast feeding her teenage son, Robin – Season 1, Episode 5

Lysa breastfeeding her son, Robin, in Game of ThronesLysa breastfeeding her son, Robin, in Game of Thrones While sitting on her throne in the Eyrie, Catelyn’s sister, Lysa, is seen breastfeeding her teenage son, Robin, causing some viewers to look away in disgust and post about it on the internet.

8. Rat torture – Season 2, Episode 4

The infamous rat torture scene in Game of ThronesThe infamous rat torture scene in Game of Thrones Torture is a pretty common occurrence in Game of Thrones, but nothing has been quite as bad as this. In the terrifying scene a bucket of rats is put to a man’s chest and then heated up with a flame so they must eat through the man to escape.

9. Mountain vs Viper head explosion – Season 4, Episode 8

The Mountain next to the body of his opponent in Game of ThronesThe Mountain next to the body of his opponent in Game of Thrones Just as everything was going Oberyn Martell’s way, it all blew up in his face – quite literally. The warrior ended up looking like a squashed watermelon in one of the most awful scenes in the entire series.

10. Theon botched beheading – Season 2, Episode 6

Theon botches his beheading in Game of ThronesTheon botches his beheading in Game of ThronesIn one of the more gruesome beheadings, Theon strikes Ser Rodrick Cassel not just once but four times in the neck, finally taking it all the way off with a kick.

Best selling book about how we poo

Best-selling German scientist and author Guilia Enders reveals how we’re all pooing wrong

Enders’ book, now translated into English, teaches how to love your gut

The author of an unexpected German bestseller on how to love your gut has had her work translated into English – and is set to teach new millions in the Western world that we’re all pooing wrong.

Speaking to The Guardian, microbiologist and newfound publishing sensation Giulia Enders explained the first basic error we all make in the West is to poo while sitting down.

Squatting, it seems, is the natural way to relieve yourself because it “opens the hatch” of the bowels, whereas sitting or standing shuts off the pipe. Enders said: “1.2 billion people around the world who squat have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and fewer problems with piles. We in the west, on the other hand, squeeze our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms.”

Enders also explains in the book how humans in fact have two sphincters, an inner and an outer, and that listening to what they’re telling us could be one of the easiest ways to avoid constipation.

While we can control the outer sphincter, the inner one is automatic – an evolutionary development that responds to other stimuli to decide whether we are in a “safe” place to take a loo break. Ignoring your inner sphincter, say if you are worried someone might hear you poo, can cause it to stop functioning properly.

Enders’ book also includes more controversial passages on the link between psychological wellbeing and a healthy gut – she speculates, for instance, upon the fate of a man she met who had terrible breath and killed himself, wondering whether the two were linked.

But it also includes little gems on the gut in general, including that the oft-discarded appendix is in fact full of useful bacteria and that eating well increases the amount of a naturally-occurring painkiller in our spit.

Enders’ book in translation, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, with illustrations by her sister Jill, is available in the UK and online from 24 May.

Game of Thrones rape scene criticised as disgusting

Game of Thrones rape scene criticised as ‘disgusting’ by US senator Claire McCaskill who says she’s ‘done’ with the show

The Missouri politician said the episode was ‘unacceptable’

An American senator has declared she is “done” with “disgusting and gratuitous” Game of Thrones following a scene depicting the rape of a key character.

The controversial episode, which aired in the US on Sunday and the UK on Monday, included an off-camera attack on Lady Sansa Stark by her new husband, Ramsay Bolton.

While the rape was not explicitly shown, audiences were clued in as to what was happening by the distressing sound of Sansa’s cries, and the look on the face of her chilldhood friend Theon, who had been made to watch.


After so long in King's Landing, Sansa sees snow falling at the Eyrie in the Vale, it reminds her of WinterfellAfter so long in King’s Landing, Sansa sees snow falling at the Eyrie in the Vale, it reminds her of Winterfell

Missouri Democrat senator Claire McCaskill tweeted that she was prepared to stop watching the show because of the “gratuitous and unacceptable” moment.

HBO, which produces the hit TV series – and has so far declined to comment – has been accused of going “too far” with the episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”, particularly because the rape was not featured in the original novels by George R R Martin.

Ms McCaskill was also quick to point out that it was “depressing” that her opinions on the fictional programme had garnered more reaction than her thoughts about US intelligence.

Some said that the attack, which was acted out by Welsh actor Iwan Rheon – whose character Ramsay has been shown throughout the series to be a sadistic torturer – had “crossed the line”.

Other critics felt that the scene had undermined the strong female lead played by British actress Sophie Turner, who described in an interview that she “kinda loved” the scene, which showed the rape being watched by Theon – who Sansa had grown up with.

“I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it.”

She added: “I love the fact [Sansa’s] back home reclaiming what’s hers. But at the same time she’s being held prisoner in her own home.

“When I got the scripts, it was bit like, dude, I felt so bad for her. But I also felt excited because it was so sick, and being reunited with Theon too, and seeing how their relationship plays out.”


It’s not the first time the show has landed in controversy. In April last year, critics hit out about another rape scene which showed character Jaime Lannister having sex with his twin sister Cersei, next to the body of their murdered son King Joffrey.

Lena Headey as Cersei LannisterLena Headey as Cersei Lannister

At the time, Game of Thrones director Alex Graves claimed it was “one of my favourite scenes I’ve ever done” and insisted that the act was “consensual by the end”.


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