Koko feels sad for endangered species… what about you? There is something you cand do: learning & changing! ESL activity: listening, speaking ans writing.

Meet Koko, the gorilla who has learned to speak to us in sign language, and Gorilla Foundation co-founders, Drs. Penny Patterson and Ron Cohn. Learn how and why the Foundation has evolved from an inter-species communications research project into a world-wide conservation project.

ESL activity: watch, listen and learn.  Write an opinion piece about Koko and this project. 

How can you help her and other Endangered species?  Speak or write about this.


The Foundation is building a new gorilla preserve on Maui, Hawaii, to ensure the future of great apes (and interspecies communication) for generations to come. Learn more at http://www.Koko.org.

Koko has learned to speak sign language, a foreign language to her species, to communicate with other species: humans.
She speaks over 1,000 words and she can understand spoken English.

She communicates effectively and expresses clearly that gorillas is an endangered species and that they need help, our help, human help.
In fact, she is too polite, it is not human help, what is needed because gorillas are not asking for a favor, what is needed is humans to stop butchering animals.
What is needed to save endangered species and all species, including humans, is to learn.

We, humans, must learn to respect other species’s rights, learn from them, learn that we will be the next endangered species if we continue devastating this planet, not for need, but for money.

Why is it so difficult for humans to learn to respect other species and the planet?
Why is it so difficult for humans to communicate as effectively as Koko?
Why is it so difficult for humans to change for better and make a better world to live in for their species and the others?

Maybe that 5% difference between a gorilla’s DNA and a human one, is the answer, maybe one day we can learn how to reduce this difference even more and be more similar to them, to be more intelligent, with all that the definition of intelligence implies.

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