Brain Health Tips. Why would you like a better healthy brain? Well, there are many reasons.

Avoid the Dinosaur Syndrome:  as your weight goes up, the actual physical size and function of your brain go down.  Obesity doubles the chances of getting Alzheimer.  Decrease the inflamation of your brain!

Healthy brains make better decisions.  Don’t be bad to your brain !

Images of alcohol damages on a person’s (Andy) brain.  The “don’t worry, be happy” people die earlier.  Ironically this psychiatrist makes people, and probably you, anxious with this information, but it is worthy !

Xanx and Valium affect your brain in a similar way to alcohol.

The brain reaches its highest development at the age of 25 in women and at 28 in men (always behind ?).

Standard placebo response for anti-depressive medication is only of about 31%.  Depression is a symptom.

Habits to adopt or change to have a healthier brain:

Avoid and stop:  drugs and alcohol !  Obesity !  Coffee (because it contains caffeine: Insommia/apnea) !  Nicotine !  Diabetes ! High blood Pressure!   Processed food and sugar !  Untreated Depression !

* when vitamine D is low, the hormone leptine (which is the one that tells your brain to stop eating) doesn’t work any more.

Include or increase:  check your vitamine D levels (as you check your cholesterol levels or your blood pressure).  Be active, do physical exercise.  8 hours of good sleep per night.  Healthy food and healthy weight (appropriate for your body structure, not to fashion).  Good nutrition is important ot have a healthy brain.  Wise calory spending.  Learning new and different things !  Intellectual exercises !  High self-control and Less stress !

What you eat is connected with what you feel !

Daniel G. Amen is a psychiatrist, medical director of the Amen Clinics, and a bestselling author.  His use of brain SPECT scans for psychiatric and neurological diagnosis of patients is controversial.

Amen is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  He is a frequent speaker on the subject of brain disorders and novel psychiatric treatment.  He specializes in SPECT scans of the brain, taking clips of brain activity over brief periods in order to compare the activity of a brain to a known healthy model. Amen uses SPECT in the treatment of several brain disorders, including ADD. In the treatment of ADD he has discovered six distinct cerebral blood flow patterns related to the disorder.

He uses before and after pictures of scans to see how well treatment is working, and prescribes both medication and non-medicative courses of treatment depending on the case.  He has also used brain scans to provide an explanation for other phenomena of the mind, such as relationships and love.  He has said that, “I learned that when the brain works right, you work right, and that when the brain is troubled, you have trouble in life. Brain health is essential to all aspects of the quality of life.”

Amen is the CEO and medical director of the Amen Clinics.   Amen has been described as “the most controversial psychiatrist in America [who] may also be the most commercially successful” as well as the “most popular”.   He has designed natural health products intended to help alleviate mental disorders or psychological dysfunction.   His research has been discussed in books by authors including David Thorton.   Part of his practice is the insistence on doing a brainscan on patients before treating them, in order to inform his diagnosis and potential treatment methods.   He has been called a “leader” in the field of the psychiatric use of brain activity monitoring and scans.

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