Fascinating Facts about dreams… nightmares! Optional ESL: vocabulary acquisition and listening for a gist.

Find out the meanings of your deepest fears, As Alltime10s explains the 10 most common nightmares..

ESL task:

1- Answer the questions below without watching the video, use a monolingual and photo-dictionary to help you with the vocabulary (for example, look up the word “nightmare” and try to provide a definition of your own, a simple definition: bad dream, or use opposites: nightmare is the opposite of a good dream, so use synonyms, antonyms or very simple definitions in English). Do not translate into your mother-tongue, try to reduce or avoid this habit.

2- Watch the video and answer the questions.

ESL activity.  Vocabulary Acquisiton / Listening / for a gist / comprehension questions.


What does it mean if you dream about…

1- taking a test?

2- your partner cheating on you?

3- flying?

4- dying?

5- spiders?

6- naked in public?

7- being chased?

8- losing your teeth?

9- being lost?

10- falling?

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