How much do you know about social media? ESL activity: listening comprehension, listening for a gist. Vocabulary acquisition.

ESL tasks:

1- About you.  Read the following questions and try to provide the answers without watching the video.  Optional:               Quiz Competition: This activity can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups.  You can estipulate how much time each person or team has to answer the quesitons, after that time students have to put their pencils down.  Then students can compare their answers with other pairs or groups.

* You can use  monolingual and photo dictionaries to help you with the vocabulary.

2- Watch the video to corect (if necessary) your answers.  Or to decide who the winner of the Quiz competition is.  You can either count the correct answers or you can determine whose answers were the most approximate or nearer to the answers in the video.

ESL activity.  Listening / for a gist / comprehension questions.

Answer these questions:

1- How big (in number of people) is Facebook in comparison to real countries?

2- How old is 50% of the world’s population?

3- What percentage of Google searches have never been searched before?

4- Which is the number 1 activity on the WEB ?

5- Is it accepted or welcome in China?

6- How many gay couples meet online?

7- How many divorces are blamed on facebook?

8- What car advertisement generated more traffic than a super bowl advertisement?

9- What generation/s consider e-mail passé (old fashioned)?

10- What are kindergartens using instead of chalkboards or whiteboards?

11- What percentage of parents are friends with their children on social media?

12- What percentage of children under 2 have a digital shadow (A digital footprint is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment; including the use of TV, mobile phone, the World Wide Web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors)?

13- How may new members join Linkedin every second?

14- How much money did social gamers spend in virtual goods in 2013?

15- How much money did movie-goers spend in real goods in 2013?

16- Which is the second largest search engine in the world?

17- How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?

18- How many pages would wikipedia have if it were made into a book?

19- What percentage of Pinterest Fans are women?

20- What percentage of people use Twitter to recommend products?

21- What percentage of people trust peer recommendations?

22- What percentage of people trust advertisements?

23- What is socialnomics?

24- What percentage of marketers use social media for business?

25- What is ROI ?

26- How long will the ROI of social media in your business last?

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