Savvy Shoppers Quiz.

How Savvy a Shopper Are You? Quiz

From PBS

Stores stock their most expensive merchandise at the right of the entrance because:

  1.  Most people are right-handed
  2.  Americans tend to move in counter-clockwise patterns
  3.  Turning to the left is bad luck
  4.  Feng shui consultants design the floor plan

Stores draw shoppers to the right with:

  1.  Perfume-spraying ladies
  2.  Sale bins and racks
  3.  Coffee, cupcakes, and other treats
  4.  Bright lighting and loud music

Department stores often have restaurants because:

  1.  Market research links the smell of hamburger grease with spending
  2.  Shopping makes people hungry
  3.  Foodies love department store cuisine
  4.  As destinations, they tap into nostalgia

Beauty counter employees sometimes wear lab coats because:

  1.  They are so fashionable!
  2.  They are easy to bleach cosmetic stains out of
  3.  They lend the wearer a scientific authority
  4.  Beauty counter employees are actually scientists

Women’s departments are often upstairs, and men’s on the ground floor, because:

  1.  Women like to climb stairs to work their glutes
  2.  Men so dislike shopping, they can’t be bothered to climb the stairs.
  3.  Cell phone reception is generally better upstairs
  4.  Being upstairs keeps women in the store longer

What’s that vague, distant smell? It’s:

  1.  A synthetic aroma pumped into the store with Muzak
  2.  A new celebrity scent being promoted in cosmetics
  3.  Scented candles from the housewares department
  4.  A perfume-drenched shopper in the fitting room next to you

A scent you won’t find pumped into stores is:

  1.  Baby powder in the infant department
  2.  Lilac in intimate apparel
  3.  Coconut in swimwear
  4.  Tobacco in men’s accessories

Fitting room doors have slats to make them:

  1.  Attractive, in a breezy, Maine cottage style
  2.  Easy to see into
  3.  Well-ventilated
  4.  Inexpensive to install

The one thing a dressing room mirror will never make you look is:

  1.  Slimmer than normal
  2.  Heavier than normal
  3.  Tanner than normal
  4.  Younger than normal

A factor that makes one cosmetic product superior to another is if it:

  1.  Has a French name
  2.  Is more expensive
  3.  Contains the words “derma,” or “Rx” in its name
  4.  Contains SPF


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