The Glenlivet Whisky flavours you can try when travelling, available in Duty Free Shops

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old First Fill

The Glenlivet flavours that are Exclusively available in Duty Free

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old First Fill

Nose: Floral, summer-like fragrances
Palate: Fruity with strong vanilla notes
Finish: Creamy and smooth

Craft facts
Matured entirely in first-fill American Oak, which imparts sweet vanilla notes whilst retaining the signature style of The Glenlivet.

Nàdurra Oloroso 

Nàdurra is crafted in small batches using traditional 19th century methods. Unlike most modern whiskies, it has not been chill filtered, resulting in greater body and a distinctively creamy texture and mouth feel. The word Nàdurra comes from the Gaelic for natural.

This edition of Nàdurra Oloroso, exclusive to travel retail, captures the original passion behind George Smith’s distillery and continues the legacy of high quality cask maturation.

The spirit has been matured exclusively in first fill Oloroso sherry oak casks from the Jerez region of Spain, imparting rich, luxurious flavours of dried fruits and warm spices.

Colour – Bright gold
Nose – Aromas of ripe peaches, with gentle notes of cinnamon and rich fruit cake
Palate – Soft, creamy toffee, with the fruitiness of juicy sweet clementine oranges
Finish – Long and sweet, leading to a slightly dry, spicy finish.

Master Distiller’s Reserve 

Character: The master distiller’s gift
Colour: Bright and lively gold
Nose: Bursting with ripe pear and soft fudge
Palate: Fruity pear flavours with a spicy tang
Finish: Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts

Craft facts
Master Distiller’s Reserve is matured in three different types of wood. This gives the expression its unique flavour without losing the distinct fruity and floral characteristics of the single malt that started it all.

Traditional oak casks complement the classic style of The Glenlivet: ripe pear and gentle summer notes.

American oak provides depth with creamy notes of coconut and soft fudge.

First fill ex-sherry oak imparts dried fruit flavours and spice aromas which offer a deeper complexity and richness.







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