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Science Explains How Law Of Attraction Works – Human Brain And Quantum Physics HD

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Quantum Superposition

– consistent continuity of reality does not require quanta to have any specific sequence in time.  A quantum is not subject to any notion of space or time and can occupy all of its possible quantum states simultaneously.  This is called quantum superposition and has been demonstrated in experiments such as the double slit experiment or quantum teleportation, where every electron in the universe for example could be the exact same one.

– the only requirement for an abstract arrow of time and consistent continuity or reality is the algorythm describing the pattern or abstract sequence of vectors.  Since this continuity brings about our ability to be self-aware it inherently makes us subject to its mathematical consequences: the fundamental laws of physics.

– interaction is an interpretation of what is essentially an abstract pattern.  This is why quantum mechanics can only provide mathematical descriptions, since it can only describe patterns within infinite probabilities.

– when a probability is expressed as C, the information necessary to describe the current moment or probability amplitude of C is also what embodies the arrow of time.

– the nature of the arrow of time is one of the biggest unsolved problems in physics and has been responsible for many new popular interpretations.

– the holographic principle is a property of quantum gravity and string theories, and theorizes how the entire universe can be seen as an information structure of only two dimensions.


– traditionally we associate the notion of an arrow of time with the sequence of events that we experience through the arrangements of short-term and long-term memories.

– we can only have memories about the past, not about the future and we have always assumed that this reflects the flow of time.

– scientists only began to question this logic when discoveries in quantum mechanics demonstrated that some phenomena are not bound by our notion of time, and that our concept of it is nothing more than our perception of the change in observable values.  This is also reflected in time dilation and length contraction, which are part of the reason why Einstein established that time and space are the same fabric.

– in an absolute sense, the notion of time does not differ from the notion of distance.  Seconds are equal to light-seconds but cancel each other out.

– to clarify: with distance and time being each other’s opposites, the passing of time can be interpreted as the distance that the hands of a clock travel, as they move in a direction that is opposite to time.  As they move forward in distance, they effectively travel backwards in what we would call time.

– this is also why any single separate minimum unit of experience is always instantly annihilated within a timeless now.  This understanding sets the record straight between wave function collapse and quantum decoherence 

– concepts such as life and death are mere intellectual constructions.  And any speculative spiritual ideas of an afterlife that takes place in a realm where the rigid mathematical underpinnings of this reality come to an end are equally fabricated.

– an important cosmological consequence is that the big bang theory, where the universe is traced back to one point by looking at the past, is a misconception.

– the traditional assumption of space-time, where space is 3D and time plays the role of a fourth dimension is inaccurate.

– if we would want to study the origin of the universe we would actually have to look forward since Cnow’s time vector direction is opposite to the arrow of distance, from which we perceive and expanding universe.

– although this temporal mapping of the universe will only yield abstract concepts with no relation to its quantum underpinnings.

– experimental evidence includes the accelerating expanding universe, following what is known to be an inverse or time-reversed blackhole metric, as well as the many problems related to the big bang theory such as the horizon problem 


– these derivations could bring up questions about free will, since awareness seems to only take place after the action within our perception of time.  

– most neurological investigations that have shed light on this question show that action is indeed taken before becoming conscious of it.  But a deterministic point of view is based on an erroneous concept of time as is illustrated by the mathematical probability descriptions in quantum mechanics.

– these understanding will be relevant for future neurological research, since they show how any neural circuit is a vector with direction, underpinning cognitive dissonance and interference or resonance within C.

– the ability to understand and alter these directions, acquired through billions of years of evolution, confirms how important our belief systems are in expanding our awareness and how they affect our working memory, which is responsible for the extent to which we can make connections and for the neural processes that create meaning.

– it also explains how artificial awareness will require a network of independent processors instead of a linear sequence of complex algorythms.


– science is open to everyone







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