AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires – Cover-up & Investigation – speaker: Argentinian prossecutor Alberto Nisman

The AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires: Its Cover-Up and investigation (part 1)

part 2

Publicado el 23/01/2014 – Speaker: Alberto Nisman – Date: December 25, 2007 – THE AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires: Its Cover-Up and Investigation

For more than a decade, the Argentinian government and the judge in charge covered up the investigation about the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires in which 85 persons were killed and 151 wounded. This was the deadliest bombing in Argentinian history.
Prosecutor Nisman reversed the investigation and caused Argentinian to be the first country to demand, through Interpol, the capture of the Iranians accused of being the perpetrators, including Iran’s then President Hashemi-Rafsanjani.

Buenos Aires Jewish Center Bombing: Prosecutor accuses Iran of South America terror network

Publicado el 13/06/2013 – Seven years ago, Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman accused Iran of masterminding the 1994 bombing of Jewish community center Amia, here in Buenos Aires. Now he says the deadliest terrorist attack in Argentina’s history was part of a bigger plot, targeting eight other countries in the region.

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