The most mysterious societies, have you heard about them? – ESL activity: writing

10 Most Mysterious Secret Societies – The world is full of secret, underground societies, that operate in the shadows and meet behind closed doors, in windowless rooms. Some believe these societies are secretly running the world. Let’s find out more about the organisations that don’t want to be found out.

rosicrucianism (medieval Germany philosophical secret society, opposing Catholicism, rejecting the idea of Dogma) Isaac Newton

illuminati (bavarian, age of enlightenment, oppose superstition and religous influence, impulsing free thinking, most of the are atheits, in 1784 the illuminaty and masons were banned by the catholic church)

Knight’s Templars (originated in 1129, white mantles with red cross, managing finances and money, earliest forms of banking, military fortifications, holy grail and the ark of the covenant were discovered by them at Temple Mount)

Fee Masonry (masons, historic fraternity, back to 17th century, rituals and secret ways of greeting, new world order)

Hashshashin ( Muslim assassins in the Middle East, 13th century, Shia Muslims who banded together to create a new utopian state, espionage, sabotage and political assassination, hashshashin dagger, worked for Richard the Lion-Heart king of England, UK)

Cadaver Society (based at Washington and Lee university, Lexington Virginia, very wealthy, network of underground passageways under university campus, Leyburn Library, a branch of the illuminati)

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics and paranormal activity or magical, Western occultism, such as Wicca)

Ordo Templi Orientis (international fraternal and religious society, founded 20th century, the Law of Thelema, Aleistter Crowley, rituals for initiation, Egyptian gods and the devil, 3,000 members worldwide)

Skull & Bones society (bonesmen, founded in 1832 and still running, highly elite individuals, the Bush presidents were members while studying at Yale, American branch of the Illuminati or CIA)

Bilderberg Group (prime ministers and presidents of most powerful countries in Europe and North America, major bankers and media moguls)

ESL Activity: writing  (can be adapted to intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced students of English as a Second Language)

1- After watching the video, think about the societies and write a very short description of each of them, if possible do not use the summary provided above.  Try to use the vocabulary and language proposed in the video.

2- Now, decide which of these societies you would like to join.  Make some research about this secret society to expand your knowledge, add extra info and details to support and validate your selection. Write an essay explaining the reasons for your choice and describing why you think you can belong to this group.  Write about 3oo words.

3- Select or choose any of these societies and do some research so as to have more information about its history.  Write an opinion piece about this society and a general and personal opinion as conclusion.  Be critical (for the good and/or the bad), support your ideas, be clear and concise.  Write about 300 words.



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