Argentina marches in a civilized way, in silence & in Democracy !

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in a march in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, to mark one month since the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman.
The protest was called by federal prosecutors and attended by Mr Nisman’s family and opposition politicians.
They defied torrential rain to demand justice for Mr Nisman, who had been investigating the government.
The prosecutor was found dead in his apartment on 18 January.
It is still not clear whether he killed himself or was murdered.
Mr Nisman was investigating Argentina’s deadliest terrorist attack, the 1994 bombing of the Amia Jewish centre.
The silent march was called by prosecutors demanding a full investigation.
Suspicious circumstances
Mr Nisman’s ex-wife, federal judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, and their two daughters joined the demonstration, which lasted nearly two hours.
Similar protests took place across the country.
Argentinians living in Spain, France, Israel and other countries also gathered to demand justice for Mr Nisman.
Officials have denounced the march as a political move to weaken the government.
Mr Nisman was found with a bullet wound to the head and a gun was lying next to him.

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