Argentinian protest, a success ! Although, some tried to predict the march had “a soft coup” objective, the march only showed a democratic pacific protest claiming for justice. Good for you Argentina !!!

Argentinians protesters show the march was a success, not because justice will be obtained inmediately, but because they showed that united, in peace, they can communicate and generate change.

Although some tried to predict a horrible frame for the March of 18th February, forecasting a “soft coup” as one of the undercover motives of the march, predicting a huge manipulation of the march motives by the opposition and most political parties, although the president did not mention a word about the march even when she spoke on national TV only a few hours before the march started, although a lot of talking had taken place… it was a success.

A silent march led by judicial officials to honor deceased prosecutor Alberto Nisman was planned amid accusations of a “soft coup” made by Argentinian government officials. They cite United States and Israeli influence in the effort to destabilize the Cristina Fernandez administration, which has widespread popular support.

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