Apps for productivity & Motivation !

Your mobile phone is a lot smarter than you think.

Using the IFTTT app, your personal device can string along a number of tasks, automatically.

Have you ever wanted your smartphone to automatically turn on WiFi when you get home from work?

The IFTTT app can help you do that.

It can also automatically upload photos to Facebook or Instagram every time you take a pic. The innovative application does this by combining basic tasks together. The good news is, you don’t have to know code to benefit from the features of IFTTT.

You can choose from a number of “recipes” (an IFTTT term) or list of actions within the app. Activating the recipes is as simple as selecting the ones that you find useful.

Overall, the IFTTT can make you incredibly productive. Through automation, you don’t have to remember to do specific tasks with your phone.

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