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LazerBlade – The affordable laser cutter / engraver

The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.

About this project

The missing link… 

The LazerBlade is an entry-level laser cutter & engraver kit, developed to fill the gap in today’s world of affordable desktop rapid-prototyping machines.

Our goal was to create a portable device that went beyond a novelty and proved itself a useful tool for both the novice creator as well as the serious artisan, and everyone in between.

What is laser cutting and engraving? 

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a powerful laser to cut or engrave flat sheet materials such as paper, wood, plastic, fabric etc. It works by directing the output of a high-power laser at the material to be cut / engraved. The material then either melts, burns or vaporizes away, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.

LazerBlade Key Features:

  • Available in A4 and A3 sizes.

  • 2 watt M140 Laser Diode. (**Now with 3 Watt 9mm 445nm Diode)

  • Variable laser power control, 0% to 100% (not just on/off).

  • Cleverly designed for accuracy, performance and safety.

  • Partially Assembled Kit.

  • Stores vertically when not in use, with included stand.

What can the LazerBlade do? 

The LazerBlade is a precision device that can both cut and engrave many materials. It’s compact, quiet, portable and handsome enough to sit on your desk while packing an amazing punch for its price.

Engraving edge-lit acrylic sign.
Engraving edge-lit acrylic sign.

You will be able to cut or engrave with vector graphics, CAD designs or even photos. Work with the LazerBlade ready software bundle offered as part of this campaign or use your favorite program.

Design: Simple, clever and handsome…

Our design philosophy was to create a minimalistic and handsome design that could sit proudly on a user’s desk.

To achieve its professional feel and performance, we chose to make the chassis from an industrial plastic that is very strong and will not be susceptible to warping from moisture.

Use the vertical stand to save desk space when not in use.

Assembly: Super easy…

All the parts are designed and manufactured to fit together precisely. No need for drilling or Use the vertical stand to save desk space when not in use.special tools. Easily assembled within two hours.

Laser: Seriously powerful…

We use the latest 2 watt (2000mW) M140 laser diode. 

More laser power not only means faster cutting and engraving, but also lets you work with more types of materials and 


Our custom laser-driver board also lets you control the laser power from 0-100% while cutting or engraving, making it possible to get very detailed results.

Safety Warning…

The LazerBlade is not a toy. It uses a very powerful laser diode that can burn your skin and damage your eyes if not used responsibly. The laser cutting process also produces fumes that may be toxic from certain materials, such as plastics.

Your safety is very important to us, hence we have designed the laser unit to offer a layer of protection from the laser along with providing a pair of laser safety glasses for the user. 

We recommend the LazerBlade is always operated in a well ventilated area and ONLY working on materials which do not emit toxic fumes. Our assembly and operating instructions will contain a detailed section on materials and laser safety.

Harnessing all that power…

To handle this amount of laser power we designed a clever laser unit

It directs airflow to both keep the laser within recommended operating temperatures as well as dispersing cutting fumes away from optics and the cutting region. This means continuous running, longer laser life and no lens contamination.

Acts as a protective laser light shield, blocking the laser cutting area from the user and suppressing any stray laser bounces.

Adjusts vertically to allow for different sized materials. Combine this with our special focus tool and optimum laser focus can be easily set.

If you have to work with taller sized materials, you can always raise the entire machine!

Electronics: Efficient and expandable…

We use a combination of “off the shelf” components along with a custom designed main board and laser driver.

The laser driver can control the laser power 0% to 100% on-the-fly as the machine is cutting or engraving, allowing very fine laser control, especially when photo engraving.

We can keep the electronic’s cost down by tailoring features specifically for our requirements and design in expandability for the future. 

Software: Unleashing its potential..

The LazerBlade works with industry standard Gcode. This gives you access to using many open-source and free packages to create your cutting files, such as Inkscape.

On top of this, to help you unleash its full potential, we have formed alliances with software companies to create LazerBlade ready versions of their already fantastic programs.

We are proud to be supported by:

  • Vectric with Cut2D-Laser

  • John Champlain with PicLaser-Lite. 

Both packages are ready to use with the LazerBlade and are included at no charge to Kickstarter kit backers.

Cut2D Laser is designed to help hobby CNC laser users convert CAD, DXF and graphic designs into GCode / CNC Tool-paths for laser cutting. Easy to use software that’s very functional and creates high quality CNC tool-paths for the LazerBlade.

PicLaser Lite is the first Image to Gcode program written specifically for CNC laser diode engravers, controlled by Arduino GRBL controllers. Create amazingly detailed laser engravings from pictures and photographs in a few easy steps.

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