Music Theory Skill Builder – OUP

Music Theory Skill Builder from Oxford University Press: “Getting Started” webinar

Stephen Sachs, Digital Product Manager at Oxford University Press, shows how to get started with Music Theory Skill Builder.

Music Theory Skill Builder, developed by Leigh VanHandel of Michigan State University, is a nationally-hosted, online program that provides hundreds of exercises in an interactive environment where students can practice and master core concepts that they need for success in Music Fundamentals and Music Theory.

Students receive instant feedback as they work through a series of preset modules that can be assigned in full or adjusted by instructors to meet individual course needs. Instructors can also create their modules.

Additionally, a built-in grade book allows instructors to monitor student progress with ease, making Music Theory Skill Builder a time-saving and valuable learning tool for any Music Fundamentals or first-semester Music Theory course.

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