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8 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and Abundance

8 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and Abundance

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmonious environments based on principles of energy, movement and balance. It can be a life’s study in its own right, but there are also many practical, day-to-day ways we can apply Feng Shui to our lives. It’s not a one-stop cure for everything that ails you. Feng Shui is meant to enhance and support your environment as you take individual action to improve your life.

Feng Shui tradition maintains that our physical surroundings affect every aspect of our inner and outer lives. Feng Shui addresses all main areas of life, with wealth and abundance being a key aspect. You can easily start enhancing your environment to include many Feng Shui recommendations for promoting wealth.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui. The information provided here is from the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School (BTB).

1. Determine the wealth area of your home

The BTB school of Feng Shui divides your home into nine areas. Imagine an eight-sided octagon over top of your home. Each side of the octagon corresponds to an area of your life, with the center representing the ninth area. If you step into your front door, the back left area will be your area of wealth and abundance.

This can be applied to your home, a single room, your yard or an office space. Other important areas relating to wealth are your front entrance and your kitchen stove.

2. Keep your front door clear

Your front door is said to be the entrance for energy as well as people. It’s important to keep your front entrance clear to allow more energy to enter and circulate in your home. Make sure your front walkway is free of overhanging plants, stray toys or other clutter. Keep your main entrance inside the house equally tidy.

It can also be helpful to keep your main entrance well-lit by installing bright outdoor lights. This goes for all interior rooms as well, good lighting via windows or artificial lights attracts the energy of abundance.

3. Introduce water into your home

An exterior fountain outside your front door can represent the flow of wealth towards your home. It should be set up with water flowing towards the front door to bring wealth, rather than away from it. Fountains that gather water in a pool symbolize money gathering in your life, which is also good.

Pictures of water will do if you can’t have the real thing. Just make sure the water is clear and moving in the picture, such as a river or waterfall.

4. Seal your leaks

In contrast to water flowing into your home to bring wealth, water flowing out of your home will take abundance with it. Any leaky faucets should be repaired and drains plugged when not in use. And keep the toilet seat down, especially when flushing, or it’s said your wealth will get flushed down with it.

5. Get colorful

Purple, green, red and blue are all associated with the energy of abundance in a room. You don’t need to cover all the walls in bright hues if you don’t want to. A piece of furniture, a feature wall, a decoration or other small splashes of color will work fine.

6. Incorporate symbols of abundance in your wealth area

It’s said that enhancing the energy flow in the wealth area of your home will enhance your overall wealth in life. Feng Shui suggests many different ways of enhancing this energy flow.

  • Place plants to promote growth in all areas of life. Slower growing plants are best, such as jade plants. Pictures of lush green plants or landscapes are also beneficial.

  • Keep a bowl of fruit on the dining room table as a symbol of abundance. You can also hang a large mirror in the room to reflect what’s on the table to symbolically double the wealth of your table.

  • Hang a wind chime in the wealth area of your bedroom. It’s recommended to hang it using a red ribbon cut in multiples of 9 inches in length.

  • Decorate with traditional Feng Shui wealth symbols, such as the dragon turtle, a laughing Buddha, or Chinese coins. A ship is another good symbol that represents incoming abundance. You can use a picture of a ship or an actual model.

7. Harness the power of your stove

Feng Shui views the stove as a home’s energy generator. It’s where all the elements meet to create sustenance for health and the strength to earn wealth. The best placement for a stove is in the middle of the room where the cook can see what’s going on and not be startled or threatened. If your stove is against the wall, the best way to fix this is to put a mirror behind the stove. The mirror should be at least the same size of the top of the stove.

If you have a door to the outside in your kitchen, this is also a situation to remedy. Hang a bamboo flute horizontally above the outside door frame. The flute is said to bring peace and safety to the room.

8. Have intention

This can be an excellent supportive step to any of the techniques you use. It will infuse them with extra energy. Do the following when performing any changes to your environment:

  • Know exactly what you want and hold this in your mind

  • Visualize and deeply feel the final result

  • Expect the result to happen without any doubt

Feng Shui is a very ancient, detailed system that can’t all be covered at once. If you’re interested in learning more about Feng Shui, please visit your favorite bookstore and find a book that resonates with you.


Feng Shui for Dummies, by David Daniel Kennedy


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