The meaning of flowers | Better sending flowers with the plant than cutting flowers and sending them dead !

Sending flowers is a wonderful gesture that will brighten most anyone’s day. Whether it is for a special occasion or just a small act of kindness, bouquets and arrangements are a universal way to show you care. Although it is nice to get a beautiful bouquet, layering it with meaning can make the arrangement that much more impactful.

The association between flowers and symbolic meanings rose to popularity in the Victorian era. While most of us don’t have common knowledge of exactly what message flowers may be sending today, then it would be a big faux pas to send a yellow carnation,the equivalent of expressing disdain towards a suitor, instead of a red rose. The meanings of many of the flowers isn’t quite the same today, especially considering aloe might have been a sign of bitterness instead of a useful gift!

Whether or not the precise message is clear when sending a bouquet, it is an interesting way to guide floral arrangements and a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era. The infographic below details what flowers mean based on both color and style. Perhaps instead of just saying “I’m thinking about you,” your next bouquet can say much more.

Flower Colors and Meaning

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