Fee Hanako the elephant from her concrete prison in Japan. Wanna help? Do something, sign this petition.

 Free Hanako from her concrete prison!


meet the petition author Rita Claessens

Tremelo, Belgium

Meet Hanako, the oldest elephant in Japan. She lives a sad life in a tiny cement enclosure with no other elephants and nothing to play with except a rope.

Hanako has lived at the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo for 61 years. That means tens of thousands of people have seen her concrete prison and done nothing to help her.

But now we have a chance to make up for lost time. Please sign Rita’s petition demanding that Hanako be sent to an elephant sanctuary or moved to a nicer enclosure where she can interact with other elephants.

One visitor to the zoo said that she was heartbroken to observe Hanako just standing there, appearing almost lifeless. The poor elephant doesn’t have anything in her enclosure to provide stimulation – not even grass or trees to create a more natural environment.

To make matters worse, decades of depression and boredom have made Hanako temperamental. After a few recent incidents where she lashed out against humans, zookeepers began feeding her through a barrier. Already deprived of contact with other elephants, she doesn’t even get comfort from interactions with people anymore.

Considering that the lifespan of captive Asian elephants is about 30-40 years, it is amazing that Hanako is still alive. But at 68 years old, she has lost most of her teeth, is going deaf, and has digestive problems. Her life is not a happy one.

The Inokashira Park Zoo should honor Hanako by sending her to an elephant sanctuary where she can find happiness in her final years. If it is not possible to get her to a sanctuary due to her old age and frail health, then the zoo should move her to a more natural setting where she would have other elephants to interact with and toys to keep her stimulated.

Please sign this petition demanding that the Inokashira Park Zoo take Hanako out of her concrete prison and let her live out her life in comfort. The more people who speak out, the more likely it is that the zoo will give in to public pressure.

This petition is now closed.

Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo: Hanako lives for 61 years alone in a concrete prison! Give her a real life or send her to a sanctuary!

Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo: Hanako lives for 61 years alone in a concrete prison! Give her a real life or send her to a sanctuary!

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