Help Lucy the elephant go to a sanctuary ! Save her from the horrible life at the Alberta Zoo !!!

Lucy is a 41-year-old elephant who was born in the tropical forests of Sri Lanka but captured and sold by a notorious wildlife dealer at the age of two. Ever since, she has been living in solitary confinement, enduring the fierce cold of Edmonton Valley Zoo, in Alberta, Canada.

Una Rose, a Toronto resident, decided that she could help Lucy by creating a petition. In her petition, she urged Alberta’s government, Premier Rachel Notley and Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips, to end the zoo’s horrible treatment of Lucy and move her to a sanctuary. 

Rose explains that Alberta’s government can refuse to renew the zoo’s permit, which is set to expire on March 31. As the petition states, “This is a chance to force the zoo to retire Lucy and send her to a sanctuary. The zoo does not meet the provinces’ own standard[s] for zoos and therefore should not have its permit renewed.”

Lucys Life at Edmonton Valley Zoo

“Lucy lives alone, doing silly performing tricks by threat of a bullhook, in a barren environment and in the very cold climate of Edmonton,” Rose told Care2. “She deserves to spend the rest of her life in a natural environment, doing natural things and living with other elephants. I cannot tolerate animals suffering due to human failure of understanding, so I do all I can to help free her.”

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Thank you very much for caring about Lucy and signing this petition.

The Alberta government needs a stampede of pressure to get them to do the right thing for the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s sad elephant – can you share the petition with family and friends that care about animals too?

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Did you know that the Edmonton Valley Zoo has been treating Lucy the lonely elephant in a way that is out of compliance with the province’s zoo standards?

I just signed a Care2 petition to urge the province to enforce their standards and hold up the zoo’s permit to operate until Lucy is retired to a sanctuary – I hope you’ll add your name too.


Sharing is how we win. Can you hear Lucy’s trumpet of thanks?

For signers who live in the Edmonton area: There is a demonstration scheduled in Edmonton in a few weeks. The Organizers (Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project) will be on the doorstep of Minister Phillips and the Alberta legislature. Here is the Facebook event page. If you’re not in Edmonton, and would like to do more – we’ve scheduled a social media day of action soon – visit this website to donate tweets and Facebook updates to #FreeLucy.

Una Rose

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