iPhone best browsers for startups

8 best browsers for iPhone: the best mobile browsers for startups

By Christina Mercer | Nov 12, 2015

Finding a mobile browser that’s fast, private and integrates social media can be a difficult task for any startup, and with Firefox now available on iOS there are even more options to choose from.

We take a look at the best mobile browsers for startups available for iPhones.

Best browsers for iPhone: Firefox

Firefox can finally be downloaded from the app store and is available to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Like the Android version, Firefox for iOS comes packed with useful features from private browsing pages to the full integration of bookmarks, browser history and passwords. 

Cost: free

Best browsers for iPhone: Chrome

For a long time Chrome has been one of the top desktop browsers out there. Many startups prefer Google’s integrated approach to browsing as it provides a uniform approach that some other browsers find hard to match. The Chrome mobile browser provides an infinite amount of tabs while also gifting incognito tabs for cookie-conscious browsers. What’s more, voice search is available adding to its breadth of functionality. Chrome’s interface is extremely well known so is perfect for startups that don’t want to stray too far from what they know. 

Cost: free

Best browsers for iPhone: Atomic

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Atomic web browser offers extensive customisation which is ideal for startups that want full control over their browser interface but it can be slightly overwhelming for those wanting a simple clear-cut experience. Atomic also has a built-in ad blocker and integrated Dropbox so sharing files with collegues couldn’t be easier. 

Cost: £1.49

Best browsers for iPhone: Opera Mini web browser

Opera Mini is a fast and responsive mobile browser. Due to its lightweight design, Opera Mini can run on limited bandwidth and compress data quickly. Sadly boasting lightweight capabilities does mean Opera users miss out on standard features found in rival browsers. Opera’s interface is simple and provides larger than average icons making navigation very simple. If speed is key to your startup then Opera Mini could be an excellent choice, but it might be worth having a secondary browser to perform other tasks such as browsing in private. 

Cost: free

Best browsers for iPhone: Dolphin

This browser was built for social function so is ideal for startups! Dolphin can sync all social media accounts making cross-platform sharing a simple task, not to mention bookmark, password and history syncing being available for Chrome-like integration. What’s more, Dolphin boasts private web pages and like Atomic, it contains a pop-up and ad blocker.

Cost: free

Best browsers for iPhone: Safari

As Safari is the iPhone default browser, it launches automatically when links requiring a web browser are clicked so it’s an extremely convenient browser. Safari also offers all the features of other browsers, from bookmark syncing to private browsing and voice search. It’s very fast and provides iCloud that saves passwords, payment details and other phone content such as photos, phone numbers and account names; this saves time which is invaluable for some busy startups.

Cost: free (built-in)

Best browsers for iPhone: Opera Coast

In terms of user experience, Opera Coast definitely has an initial learning curve but once overcome boasts a fun and attractive interface. Within its quirky design you can’t help but notice its lack of URL search-bar and while for some this may be a big drawback, for those looking for a unique browser experience, Coast’s innovation can be applauded. With clear social sharing buttons it is great for startups with a big social media presence.

Cost: free

Best browsers for iPhone: Ghostery

Ghostery has privacy and anonymity at its core. No user data is collected unless you choose to provide it and Ghostery will warn you of any web pages using ad trackers. Ghostery’s interface is not the prettiest, but for startups that require complete privacy it is an excellent choice. 

Cost: free

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