Stop torturing and cooking dogs and cats alive as they are boiled in China and Korea ! This shows not all countries can learn from their traditions and mistakes to evolve and improve.

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Ambassador Korean Embassy U.K. Ambassador Park

Chinese Consulate – New York Mr. Sun Guoxiang

Ambassador of China in the USA Mr. Zhang Yesui

Ambassador of South Korea in the USA Choi Young-jin

Li Kegiang

Ambassador China Cui Tiankai


Putting a live dog, or any animal, in boiling water, or a hot oven, or using a blow torch on cats, is not only blatantly wrong, without further explanation—but if one is necessary it is TORTURE. 

The ‘reason’ that is given for cooking animals alive is that they simply “taste better” after their bodies are adrenaline-soaked with fear and pain. ‘Taste’ is never an excuse for unspeakable cruelty, nor is ‘culture’ an excuse. 
China is making so many strides to become a first world country, but with all due respect, with this kind of accepted culinary method, China AND Korea will be looked upon as backward nations by the rest of the civilized world (one foot in the 21st century and one foot in a primitive age). 

Any animal placed in boiling water or cooked, while still alive, in any manner is obviously terrified, in unimaginable pain, despair and doomed to a slow and lingering death. 
Animals in the food chain should, at the very least, be given the most humane death possible.

Deepest apologies to the supporters of this petition for this gruesome and offensive photograph — but their story must be told and the horror is beyond mere words — this needs to be exposed and make people aware so they will not visit these countries and give them tourist dollars.  China’s department of tourism is advertising a lot on TV to attract tourists lately — we can also write to the National Tourism Department of the People’s Republic of China and tell them why we are not visiting.   This over-the-top torture of animals must be outlawed!  If it is hard for us to look upon it, imagine how hard it is for the thousands of dogs, cats, and other species to endure this dark side of man.  Life is certainly not a gift for every living being.    

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