Argentina: animal abuse should be punished ! Some Argentinians gave food with fireworks to a dog whose jaw was destroyed… Help us find justice for abused animals in Argentina! Sign this petition !

Argentina: Don’t let Animal Abuse go Unpunished! Justice for Stray Dog Injured by Fireworks

Argentina: Don't let Animal Abuse go Unpunished! Justice for Stray Dog Injured by Fireworks

  • BY: Emily L.
  • TARGET: Argentina Government

22,886 SUPPORTERS  GOAL  25,000

While Argentina has proposed legislation that would give appropriate punishment for animal cruelty, it has never been enforced. Most recently, a stray dog was seriously injured by fireworks, having been lured in by food. The poor little dog’s jaw was exploded by the fireworks, and a few good citizens came to its rescue in the middle of the street.

Cases like this are just not pursued due to weak animal cruelty laws and when the people responsible have not had prior offenses. Unless the local and global communities speak out against this horrific unregulated animal abuse, these awful cases will continue to come up.

Please sign this petition demanding that Argentina implement serious animal cruelty laws immediately, and include a plan for those laws to be fully enforced.

you have the power to create change.



Argentina is a third-world-country, undeveloped… but not just for economic reasons, it is the level of education of a country the one that determines if the country is developed or not.

Poor Argentina, we feel ashamed for these people using their energies to torture animals, if you used your energy and wit for the good, you would probably be part of the first world and have a better country.

Our admiration for the ones who tried to help the dog and repair the damaged that was already done !

Prevent this from happening again, animals have rights, and humans must and have to respect them.

Like Ghandi said, how animals are treated in a society is a reflection of that society…

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