Indonesia: Yani the elephand died at the Bandung Zoo crying and suffering | Help us keep this zoo shut-down ! | Sign this petition now ! You can make a difference !

Yani the Elephant Cried as She Died - SHUT DOWN this Horrific Zoo

Yani the Elephant Cried as She Died – SHUT DOWN this Horrific Zoo

  • BY: Emily L.
  • TARGET: Indonesian Government

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Yani, a 34-year-old Sumatran elephant who was kept at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia, has died of an unknown disease. The zoo reportedly did not provide her any medical treatment while she was sick. News outlets are reporting that the poor defenseless elephant cried as she died.

Reading this story completely broke my heart. Yani was apparently kept in horrible conditions, and when she fell ill the zoo just neglected her needs. She laid on the dirty ground as tears streamed down her face. The zoo did not have a resident zoo for almost a year and so Yani was left to suffer.

The zoo has closed temporarily while there is an investigation. If enough of us speak out against this horrific treatment, we can make sure this zoo never re-opens and continues its neglectful practices of these intelligent, feeling animals. Please sign the petition asking that the Bandung Zoo close its doors for good, so no more animals have to suffer and die.

You have the power to create change.



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