Sizzle Reel: what is it ?

What is a sizzle reel?
Here is our sizzle reel definition: Sizzle reels (also commonly referred to as demo reels, promo videos, promotional videos, pitch reels, corporate communications video, media campaign video, montage videos, or media highlight reels) are 3-to-5 minute videos that combine visuals, audio, and messaging to create a fast paced, stylized overview of a product, service, initiative or brand. Sizzles are a crucial part of any business’s B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) communications process and help convey key messages to consumers, clients, and other target audiences. They are especially effective for demonstrating the results of marketing initiatives and public relations campaigns.

What is the purpose of a sizzle reel?
Sizzle reels are used for various internal and external marketing, advertising and public relations initiatives, including search engine optimization (SEO); viral online video marketing and web video campaigns to increase web traffic; merchandising PR work to clients; social media campaigns; videos for multimedia sales presentations and PowerPoint presentations; market research and focus group programs; trade shows and exhibitions; on-air promotions; training tools and video tutorials; press release videos; and pre-roll campaigns.

What assets and types of media are edited into a sizzle reel?
Sizzle reels include media coverage (TV spots, radio interviews), press clippings (magazine, blog and newspaper articles), media placements (TV and magazine ads), interactive media, digital video, photos, images, audio, music, voice over, graphics, and animation. Common video file formats delivered to Sizzle It! include Windows Media Player (.wmv) and QuickTime (.mov). Common image formats delivered to Sizzle It! include TIFF, JPG or JPEG, and PNG, Illustrator (.ai) and Photoshop (.psd). Music and audio file formats include AIFF and MP3.

How are sizzle reels distributed?
A sizzle reel is often converted into a digital video file and then distributed across the web as an Internet video. It is typically streamed on website homepages, online video sharing sites (YouTube) and/or posted and shared on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Other common distribution methods for sizzle reels include DVDs, CDs, and flash drives.

Does Sizzle It! shoot video?
We offer recommendations for videographers, but no longer offer these services. We’re always happy to work with your video team to ensure that you get the best footage possible.

Can I use copyrighted materials in my sizzle reel?
We’re not lawyers, so we always suggest you speak to one before you decide to use any materials that you are unsure about.

How fast is Sizzle It!’s turnaround time?
Typically, sizzle reels take approximately 7-to-10 days to complete (not including client feedback and review days). However, we are able to produce a completed sizzle reel in far less time should a project require it. Rush fees do apply in this instance.

How many rough cuts and drafts are included in each purchase?
Each sizzle reel purchase comes with 3 rounds of editing. Additional fees may apply for additional edits.

Can clients sit with video editors during edits?
We have built our online project management tools based on years of customer service and production experience. Our tools allow you to quickly and easily connect you with our editors and producers every step of the way. Due to the high volume of projects we produce, we cannot accommodate sit-in requests with clients.

How long will you store my sizzle reel and all my assets?
We will store your sizzle reel and related assets for 30 days after delivery of your finished product. If you anticipate future revisions or would like us to store your assets beyond 30 days, please let us know. Additional fees may apply.

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