TV: dumbest things said | ELT & ESL: speaking

Since its invention, television has been a powerful mode of communication. On the surface, most people use it for entertainment and even with the rise of internet streaming, many people still flip on the old set to watch their favorite sitcoms or movies.

There’s more to it than just Seinfeld reruns, Monday Night Football and the latest Avengers movie, however. Television has, for decades, been a useful medium to spread news and let world leaders get their ‘message’ out to their people. Networks have strived to get live interviews with personalities that the competition couldn’t – all in the name of ratings. That said, while television is a truly powerful way to communicate it does come with some significant dangers.

Over the past several decades, celebrities, politicians, news anchors and talk show hosts have realized that television can be a double-edged sword. Sure it’s great to be on tv, but it also means that anything dumb you say or do is also broadcast to millions of viewers. When you look back at some of the dumbest things said on television – and boy there is a lot! – you can’t help but cringe or laugh.

Whether a politician going off script, a movie star going completely bonkers or a talk show host forgetting to be politically correct, there’s been a lot of dumb stuff transmitted to our living rooms. As you’ll see, some of it has just left a humiliating mark on the person’s record while, in other cases, the thing that was said was so dumb that it damaged their career.

Television – it’s great for watching sports, sitcoms and movies. It’s also watched for daily news, talk shows and live speeches made by our leaders. While it’s a great provider of entertainment and information, television also opens a very dangerous door. We’re talking about the times when someone says something that is just plain dumb. Whatever the comment, the resulting damage can range from ridicule to career suicide – depending on just how stupid the comment was.

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