Music: bang my head| ELT & ESL | to sing !

I was _________, was __________
__________seen the ________so long
Thought I lost my ________
Couldn’t find my _______back ___________
And I __________the light ___________out of me
I was __________, and ___________
Waiting for ____________and I…

[Pre-Chorus: Sia]
________ my ________   _________the ___________
Though I feel light _________, now I _________I will not _________
I will rise _________it all
________what I was __________for
_________  I _________light __________
I should have _________, and __________the floor
__________I rose above it all

[Chorus: Sia]
Oh, oh, oh
_________my _______   ___________the ________-
Oh, oh, oh

[Verse 2: Fetty Wap]
(ZooVier, 1738)
I been __________up the wall, going through it all, baby
It’s so __________to live your _________when you ____it up, baby
For the ___________and the __________
____________ places, ____________
And the stress that it brings, start to ________if it’s worth it
I live life like it’s __________
My __________are smiling and that makes me happy
_________how I was _________, I swear it had me
___________my _______off the ________
I am _________far up, I cannot _______-
___________fun, I don’t ___________about y’all
It’s ZooVier from ZooGang, I’m the ____________
For my _______, give my life with no __________

[Pre-Chorus: Sia]
Bang ________head _________the wall
You may feel _________headed, but you _______  _________, no, you won’t fall
You will _______  __________it ___________
You’ll find what you’re ___________ for
And you ________feel light __________
You __________you’re ___________hit the _________
___________ you rise __________it all

[Chorus: Sia]
Oh, oh, oh
_________your ________  _______ the __________

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