Music: I took a pill in Ibiza| ELT & ESL activity| to sing !

I __________a __________in _________
To _________Avicii I was ________
And when I _______  got ______, felt 10 years _____
But _________it, it was something to _________
I’m living out in ________
I _______ a __________car just to ________
I’m a real big ______’cause I made a _______dollars
And I spend it on ________and _________

But you don’t _______  be ________ like me
Never really _________why like me
You don’t ____ wanna step off that _____   _______ and be all alone
You don’t _______  ride the ______  like ______
Never knowing who to ________l ike _______
You don’t wanna be stuck up on that stage singing
Stuck up on that stage singing
All I know are _____ songs, ____  ______
Darling, all I know are _____ songs, ______  ______

I ______  a ____ in _____ to ________ avicii I was cool and when I finally got ____I felt ten ______  ______-but _______a ______

I’m just a ________who already _______ his ____
I get along with old _______
‘Cause my _____ a ________of a pop song people ________
And I can’t _____  a ______, no
‘Cause as _______ as the ____ comes ___
I cut ’em all _______and work’s my ________
But the ________is I can’t _____  ___

Now you don’t __________ be ______like me
Never really ________why like ____
You don’t ever _____step ___that ______  ______and be all _________
You don’t wanna ______the _________like this
Never knowing who to _______like this
You don’t wanna be _______up on that _______singing
_______ up on that stage _______
All I know are ______   ________, _______   _______
________, all I know are ________  ________, ________   _______

(not this part of the lyrics in this video)

I took a _________to my home _______
I brought my __________and my _______
____  my friends are all _______but there’s ________  ______
And the people still think I’m a ______
I walked around ________
I met some ______on Lafayette
They said tell us ______to ________it ’cause we’re _______real _______
So I looked ’em in the ________and _______

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