Music: this girl| ELT & ESL | to sing !


____________    _________  from the _______  above
But keep the __________  ’cause I’ve got __________
A little __________and some _______________
You’ll ___________buy my _________________!

No __________thing that’s as _____________ to
No other! There’s no _____________!
Than a ____________that _________and a __________that’s _____________
_______________that you’ve got to ___________this _____________

Take my _________… Or them over
Take my __________…you
O-or them over  Take my __________… you Or them over
Take my __________Or them over

His __________-don’t really come for ____________
Your ____________don’t mean that __________to me
Just take my __________and hold me ___________
You’ll _________buy my ___________!
You __________me ________and you _________me ________
To __________  ______! ________me _______!
You got me ___________ and that’s a _________
______________that you’ve got to __________this…

Will you _________when I’m ______
That I _________to a different ________
Will you ________when I’m ________
That I _________to a _________song
It’s a ______________but I’ve ______to _________

Woh !
Take my hand…  Or them over

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