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These three small towns in Provence are definitely worth visiting, especially St. Paul, a perfectly preserved medieval town surrounded by the original wall, and filled with many enticing art galleries.


Marseille is the oldest city in France, the country’s largest commercial harbour and the capital of Provence, an enchanting region full of contrast.

The most impressive religious building in Marseille is a fortified monastery church that dates back to the fifth century, the mighty Abbaye Saint Victor.

Deep down in the rock is an Early Christian crypt and a number of stone sarcophaguses that contain the remains of various holy martyrs that date back to the Roman persecution of the Christians. Aix-En-Provence, along with its numerous lanes, is one of the most beautiful cities in France. More than forty spectacular fountains help to cool down this ancient town in the hot months of summer when both foreign and French tourists visit the city. ‘

Sur Le Pont D’Avignon’ are the words of the world famous French song that is familiar to both young and old alike. It is a song of dance on the bridge of the Pont Saint Bénézet but it is more likely that the people here once danced under the bridge as that is the location of its bars! For almost two thousand years an imposing Roman amphitheatre has dominated the city of Nîmes.

It is the capital of the Departement Gard that is situated on the periphery of Provence. One of the most well preserved mediaeval fortifications in Europe surrounds the small town of Aigues-Mortes along the western periphery of the Camargue in the south of France.

The town was established in 1240. From the city wall that is eleven metres high and six metres thick, there is a wonderful view across the rooftops of the impregnable city. With historic towns in which both the Romans and the Papacy felt at home, and with blossoming fields of lavender and ancient mountain villages, Provence is a land of sweet aromas and radiant light.

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