listening & writing skills: writing a TV series review | ESL & ELT activity


In 2007, The Big Bang Theory debuted on CBS. But the sitcom didn’t explode in popularity until reruns hit syndication. Since then, its season premieres have routinely ranked near the top of network TV ratings, and reruns dominate the list of most-watched cable shows. But for any shows this huge, there are bound to be some big bangs behind the scenes, too…

The pilot reconceptualization | 0:23
The Bernadette vocalization | 1:03
The paycheck extortion | 1:32
The relationship obfuscation | 2:07 
The Mayim Bialik manifestation | 2:32
The Soft Kitty misappropriation | 3:08

ELT & ESL Activities:

1- topic for discussion |  what is a TV series ?  what is your favourite one ?  can you describe it ?  what is it about ?  how long have you watched it for ?  how long was or is on air ?

2- listening skills | listen to the video and take notes | then check your notes with your teacher or class-mates (or the subtitles)

3- vocabulary | prepare definitions (in English) of new words or check you know the following:                                                           paycheck | extortion | debuted | sitcom | season | pilot | premieres | ratings | cable shows | behind the scenes | horndog | hoodies | mousy | high pitch | settlement | negotiation | neuroscience | blossom | edge out |

4- writing skills | using your notes & vocabulary, write about the big bang theory TV series, what it is about and its characters, plot, genre, etc, like what you do in a film review (you can find examples of film reviews on this blog). 

Give your opinion, if you like it or not and why.  Decide if you would recommend people to watch it, and why.

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