troublemaker, “surviving hollywood & scientology”, a book by leah remini on scientology

Most of us are familiar with the Church of Scientology thanks to Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch while declaring his love for Katie Holmes. At first glance, many people don’t take Scientology seriously, and the religion has been made the butt of several jokes. The church has been made fun of for several decades for their beliefs that seem to come straight from science fiction books. But given that their founder was a science fiction author, this makes quite a bit of sense. The church strives to help people find spiritual healing without the use of medications or drugs, believing the pharmaceutical industry is cruel and barbaric. Instead, through the use of meditation and a device called an E-meters, you can achieve spiritual healing. If you go through the appropriate training and pay the fees, you can even achieve a new level of spiritual power and awareness. Of course, that is, if you even believe in the church.
There have been numerous controversies within Scientology since its founding in the 1950’s. For one, the fact that L. Ron Hubbard started out as a science fiction writer and seemed to have turned his stories into church doctrine that other people quickly fell for. Celebrities such as John Travolta and Isaac Hayes are also well known members of the church. But should you defy them in any sort of way, then you are in for a whirlwind of trouble since the church seems to have powerful connections to make any person’s life a living hell.
The Church of Scientology is also well known for possibly brainwashing their members and enforcing a disconnection from family and friends who aren’t members. While the church declares itself to not be a cult, many people from the outside claim that these are practices of a cult. Given that church members seem to change dramatically after joining, the idea is justified.
But probably one of the most shocking parts about Scientology is the origin story for the religion. The origin really is taken straight out of fiction, but their members believe in the doctrine wholeheartedly. The alien emperor Xenu, who lived 75 million years ago, wanted to control the alien population by killing civilizations at the rate of pure genocide. But Xenu wasn’t done yet. As the souls of the deceased aliens began to manifest, he captured them and forced them to watch videos and implant false memories and religions into the souls. Once they were released, the alien souls attached themselves to human bodies. It is these confused and brainwashed alien souls that causes many of our emotional issues, according to Scientology.
These are yet but a few of the most shocking facts about Scientology. Whether you agree with the church or not, be careful where and how you express your doubt, as you may find yourself in a courtroom with representatives of the church. Check out the video for more information and more about the origins of the Church of Scientology.

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