neil deGrasse tyson´s reflextions about mars, earth stops rotating, afterlife & the cycle of life | ELT & ESL activities | speaking, vocabulary, listening & writing skills


ESL & ELT activities

1- discussion topic | speaking | look at the titles and express what you know or what you think about them (without watching the videos yet)

2- vocabulary | prepare this vocabulary, give definitions in English, use monolingual dictionaries, if possible prepare definitions using your own words: 

scatter, universe, hydrogene, oxygen, helium, nitrogen, carbon, earth, molecule, isotope, utter, fertile, environment, knob, bacteria, DNA, intelligence, researcher (explain the difference with investigator)

religion, belief, die, statements, burning energy, drop, funeral, room temperature, heat, tombstone, quote, ashamed, score, fear, regret,

rotation, boundary, afterlife, galaxy, star, billion, interstellar, crew, cremate a dead body, burry a dead body, energy, flora, fauna, shift, poles, hoax

3- listening & writing | summery & article review | listen to the first video and take notes | use your notes to review the video, as a curator in a blog, make a summary of the contents of the video | 180 – 200 words

4- listening & writing | opinion piece | listen to the second video and take notes | use your notes to write an opinion piece on “afterlife” | express what you would like to happen with your corpse after you die | 250-300 words

5- listening & writing | hypothetical situations | imagine if … using conditional 2 | watch the third video and take notes | write 5 sentences of what would happen if the earth stops rotating for 1 minute | write 3 sentences of what would happen if the poles shift | now think of 3 more alike topics to write 3 if-sentences for each



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