richard dawkins | toelrance | debate on religion, creationism & the bible | ELT & ESL | speaking, listening, vocabulary & writing skills

Richard Dawkins, English biologist, writer of the god delusion, lost his cool temper and created a very awkward moment in the room.

Richard Dawkins | The creme da la creme of some of Richards Dawkins best arguments to answer christian and muslim creationists.

ESL & ELT activities

1 – speaking: topic for discussion | tolerance

are you tolerant enough so as to listen to other beliefs, different form yours calmly and reasonably ?

are you able to discuss your ideas, different from other people’s, without getting irritated, angry or violent ?

why do you think people fight and generate wars in the name of peace and religion ?

how many religions are there in our planet ? enumerate them

which religion is right ?  how do you know ?

what is the bible ? how should it be read and interpreted according to catholics, protestants, jews, evangelists, etc ?  is it the same interpretation and understanding for all these religions ?

what is science ?

what is the difference between science and religion ?

which one is more rigid and intolerant … science or religion ?

which one generates more fanatics … science or religion ?

2- listening | watch the first video and take notes | enumerate the arguments, the questions made to Richard by different religions and the answers he provides

3- listening | watch the second and third videos and take notes | prepare a summary about the contents and main points of discussion

4- vocabulary | select the important and relevant words you do not know | use a monolingual dictionary | provide definitions in English using your own words

5- writing | argumentative piece | try to include all sides of the discussion, finalizing the argument with your own point of view | support your ideas with information from the videos and complement it with some research of your own | 300 words


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