space & quantum physics: neil deGrasse tyson | 10 pieces of truth and 10 false statements | ESL & ELT activities | self-correction key

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains 10 things that we have heard all our life and re-told but are completely false. And others that are true.

ESL & ELT activity | trivia

1- read the following sentences and decide whether they are True or False

2- then, watch the first video and take notes.  change any of your answers in exercise 1 if necessary

3- now, watch the second video and take notes.  change any of your answers in exercise 1 if necessary

4- you can go to this link to correct yourself:

  1. total solar eclipses are rare …. F

  2. the milky way is the only existing galaxy … F

  3. at high noon the sun is directly overhead … F

  4. the hubble is a telescope … T

  5. Edwin hubble discovered there were many galaxies thanks to the satellites … F (thanks to telescopes, not satellites)

  6. is venus a planet ? … T

  7. the universe is expanding … T

  8. quantum mechanics and quantum physics were discovered in the 1920’s … T

  9. quantum mechanics and physics are the science of the small, of neutrons, particles, nueclei and protons… T

  10. the sun sets in the west … F

  11. the sun rises in the east … F

  12. everything that goes up, must come down … F

  13. the sun is a yellow star … F

  14. both scientists and politicians are worried at the same level about climate change … F

  15. he, as an educator, prefers to educate the electorate than the elected politicians and representatives … T

  16. earth is 6,000 years-old  … F

  17. dark matter is god … F

  18. if neil is about to be executed, he prefers to be cremated … F

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