great ideas & gadgets to keep your pets active and entertained while you are away !


Catspad :
Amber Crown :
PetBot :
Canhe-Fit :
PlayDate :
1.Catspad – Smart Food and Water Dispenser for Cats
Have peace of mind when you need to leave your feline behind with the Catspad Smart Food and Water Dispenser for Cats. Designed to integrate with any home, this beautiful feeding station will work seamlessly with the app to keep your kitty happy. The Catspad is the only dispenser that you can schedule to provide food in advance. Additionally, the Catspad is able to track the nutritional value of what your cat consumes so you can keep him healthy. Simply fill the Catspad with your choice of dry food in one reservoir and water in the other to feed you feline at any time. You’ll even receive a notification right on your device if either of the reservoirs are running low.
2.Amber Crown – Safest Tick & Flea Dog Collar
With Amber Crown you don’t have to choose between your pet’s protection and your family’s wellness anymore!
3.PetBot – Smart Pet Monitor That Keeps You Connected
PetBot is the first device that allows you see, speak and listen to your pet through your smartphone. But it’s not a one-way conversation. Using PetBot’s “petificial intelligence” and bark notification, you can train your pet to send you selfies and much much more! You can even use PetBot to send your pet treats, which is really awesome for training your pet when you’re away from home. 
4.Canhe-Fit – The nutritional coach for pets
Canhe-Fit is a small pendant attached directly to your pet’s collar that interacts with our mobile app to determine optimal levels of nutrition for your pet.
In addition to regulating food intake, the app allows pet owners to track their dogs’ or cats’ exercise while also serving as a GPS, deploying social localization to allow the owner to easily locate their missing pet.
5.PlayDate – World’s First Pet Camera in a Smart Ball
PlayDate, the world’s first truly interactive pet camera. Playdate lets you play with your dog or cat from anywhere in the world, via our smart ball and our mobile app.

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