about us

mvm is an academic community conformed by a group of university graduates, teachers, bachelors of business and educational management, neuroscientists, researchers, and students interested in improving our communities and ourselves. Education is for us the way to improve our worlds, inside & outside, and when we say “education” we do not refer only to scholar or academic education contexts, we mean the continuous teaching-learning process that humans start from the very moment they are born to the last moment the die (and depending on your belief, maybe after-dying too). That whole process that accompanies us during all our lives, in all places, at all moments, at any situations and that helps us be able to assimilate the world outside us, process that input, accommodate that data,  and give a feedback, expressing as a response to that world outside, the world we have created inside.  This process is composed by many ingredients and affected by many factors. Knowing how your brain works, how you best learn, what learning style you prefer, what your personality type is, what your preferences are, how to communicate effectively, how to control and use your body language and how to read and interpret others´s, how to manage difficult situations and deal with conflict, if you are a transformational or situational leader or if you can become one, how to maximize time and minimize costs when implementing a project, at work, professionally, for the community or at home, all this and many other things, is what interests us, is what we teach and study, and what I would like to share with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          mvm Founder & CEO